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Naadella Global Inc (NGI) client services include the evaluation of funding needs, and the identification of new business ventures and entrepreneurial opportunities with innovative Canadian. businesses. The company's clients are often enterprises seeking to participate in private equity investments, establish domestic operations or trading and distribution channels, obtain licenses to new innovative technologies, explore strategic alliances within Canada for its products or services etc. The services to its clients, include emerging growth companies focused on fintech and other high technology industries, include evaluating and structuring business relationships, financing strategies, formulating and preparing business and financial plan documents, plus creating operating strategies and corporate goals. Additionally, Naadella Global Inc (NGI) assists clients by introducing them to potential suppliers, customers, joint venture partners, and merger or acquisition opportunities.

Naadella Global Inc (NGI) seeks to capitalize upon NGI's access to larger and unique business opportunities, as well as upon NGI's ability to take swift advantage of such opportunities. This access can be attributed not only to NGI's extensive network of relationships, but also to its owners proven ability to complete transactions successfully and manage companies efficiently.


Naadella Global Inc understands every clients project funding requirements are unique, and every client has different financial objectives and goals. Naadella Global Inc are committed to adding value to its client’s project[s] investments and assisting them throughout the project life cycle by offering the best possible financing solutions.



Naadella Global Inc provides variety of funding opportunities to its clientele - both equity and debt funding options.


Payment Services

Naadella Global Inc will be providing these services by partnering with Payment Services platforms.

NGI’s management possesses a unique combination of foreign cultural sensitivity and understanding of international and Canadian business practices. NGI believes that this sensitivity and the experience and skills of its management team are directly applicable to the development of business opportunities with strategic partners in foreign countries. NGI Management believes that there is substantial opportunity to provide foreign partners with a trustworthy and direct approach to potential domestic technology partners through NGI's strategic alliances with key legal and accounting firms, investment and commercial banks, and other professionals. At the same time, NGI provides its domestic clients with access to the highly desirable international marketplace for a variety of interests, including technology licensing, investment, manufacturing, distribution, or other strategic considerations.


These trustworthy, reliable relationships are an important asset to the company. They enable NGI to broaden the business opportunities available to its clients and assess more quickly the prospects for the appropriate strategic partner on a cost-effective basis.

NGI's management believes that it also offers the following benefits

Well Timed Fund Infusions

NGI contends that many attractive opportunities exist for fintech and other high technology industries & businesses for those with the financial strength and experience to pursue them. Utilizing the fund infusions from NGI and its well established relationships and contacts in the Region, the corporation will seek to capitalize on these opportunities by establishing a portfolio of investments in companies that will benefit from NGI's technical, financial, and management expertise and services

Experienced Entrepreneurial Management

The proper capitalization of a company – created through newly-sourced and redeployed capital – can allow for equity risk diversification, improved cash flow and accelerated growth, if desired. A properly designed capital structure will eliminate or lessen personal guarantees and associated risks; improve cash flow through the elimination of high-cost debt, excessive debt-service requirements and/or onerous prepayment penalties; provide capital for and lessen restrictions on capital expenditures and growth; lessen or remove financial and operating covenants and restrictions; and finally, reduce the number of capital providers with a “say” in corporate matters

Strategic Focus

NGI intends to focus on companies in industries in which its principals have significant experience. NGI plans to organize and develop strategic alliances and other business opportunities between foreign companies and Canadian emerging growth "middle market" companies in the fintech and other related technology industries.

Bridging Business Cultures

NGI’s Management offer a unique combination of cultural sensitivity and understanding of international and Canadian business practices and policies. In many countries, sensitivity to cultural factors and local business customs is as important as (and sometimes more important than) having the right business deal. Understanding the nuances of conducting business in the proper cultural contexts can mean the difference between a successful alliance and one that is unproductive. Many emerging growth companies have not developed the management resources, experience, and comprehension of local business practices and customs that are necessary to succeed in these diverse settings.

Access and Evaluation of Business Opportunities

Through NGI’s management team and their vast expertise , NGI has established a strong foundation of experience in the financial, business, and technical communities. Through its strategic partners, NGI will avail itself of a steady flow of new business opportunities, as well as the technical expertise necessary to evaluate potential transactions and close those best suited to fit the parties' strategic objectives. Where appropriate, business opportunities will be provided to investors before making them available to third parties. These may take the form of senior debt, subordinated debt, or equity securities. Additionally, NGI will promote cooperation among its investors to build synergistically on their strengths.